What if I forget or need to change my Quicken.com user ID?

1.Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

2.Choose Investing.Quicken.com portfolio on the left side of the window.

3.Select Change my Investing.Quicken.com credentials at next One Step Update.

4.Click OK.

5. Choose Tools menu > One Step Update.

6.Click the Update portfolio on Investing.Quicken.com check box to select it. If you have never uploaded your investing account data to Investing.Quicken.com, this option is unavailable.

7.Click Update Now.

8.Quicken asks you to change your user ID and password for your personal space on Quicken.com.


If you do choose to enter a different Quicken.com user ID, make sure it has not been used to update a different Quicken data file on Quicken.com before.

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