What if I get illegible characters when I print?

If you're getting illegible characters on a printout, it generally indicates that the printer doesn't understand the language being sent to it from Windows.

There are a few common causes for this problem:

Your printer driver might be corrupted.

Try printing from WordPad (or Notepad).

1. Choose Start button > Programs > Accessories > WordPad.

2.Enter some text into a file.

3.Choose File menu > Print.

If your printout still contains illegible characters, your printer driver might be corrupted. Try reinstalling your printer driver.

You're using the wrong printer driver for your printer.

Choose File menu > Printer Setup > For Reports/Graphs.

Be sure to use the correct printer driver. Check the printer selection to make sure it's the correct driver for your printer.

The printer may be in emulation mode.

Many printers can emulate several different printers. Controls on the printer itself usually set the mode. When you prepare a printer to print. make sure your printer is in the same mode as the printer you've selected in the Printer Setup dialog. If necessary, refer to your printer manual for clarification.

You may have accidentally selected a symbol font or a font that is too large or complex for the printed area.

Check your font selection in Printer Setup. Try changing to a common font like Arial or Times New Roman.

A font controller or enhancer may cause unexpected results.

Occasionally, a font controller or enhancer may cause unwanted results. If the procedures above don't solve the problem, exit Quicken, disable the font program, and try printing again. Refer to your type manager documentation for instructions on how to disable the font program.


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