What if I get a message that I am about to permanently delete a category?

When you delete a category and confirm the deletion, Quicken can't recover it. Be sure you really want to delete a category before doing so. Quicken gives you the option of replacing the category with another category from the Category List. To do so, click the Merge button and select another category from the Recategorize transactions to drop-down list.

  • When you delete a category, Quicken removes the deleted category from the Category List and erases it from the Category field of any transactions to which it has been assigned.
  • When you delete a subcategory, Quicken deletes it from the Category List and reassigns its transactions to the parent category.
  • When you merge a category, Quicken replaces the old category with the new category in all transactions and in the Category List.
  • When you delete a category that has transactions associated with it, Quicken gives you the option to recategorize the affected transactions. This step is optional, and you can choose to skip it. If you leave the Recategorize transactions to field blank but click OK, the affected transactions will be marked uncategorized.


When you delete a category that has subcategories, Quicken assumes that you want to delete the subcategories as well.


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