What if I sold all of my shares in a previous version, but shares still appear?

If you sold all shares of a particular security while using a previous version of Quicken, and the security now appears in the Portfolio or in an investment report, it may be due to this version's increased decimal precision.

To remove the remaining fractional shares

1.Open the transaction list for this security.

2.Click Enter Transaction.

3.In the Enter Transaction list, choose Adjust share balance.

4.Enter the date for the adjustment, the security name, and 0 for the number of shares.

5.Click Enter/Done. Quicken enters a ShrsOut transaction.

To remove the remaining fractional shares if you track capital gains

1.In the Portfolio and change the As of date to a day before you sold the last shares of this security.

2.Check the number of shares you had in the Shares column.

3.Select the Sold or ShrsOut transaction in the investment transaction list.

4.Click the Edit button.

5.Change the amount in the Number of shares field to the number of shares from the Portfolio.

6.Click Enter/Done.


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