What if my Intuit ID has never synced with this data file?

If your Intuit ID is currently being used to sync another data file, or to sign in and download data on your mobile devices(s), Quicken will ask for your permission to continue before it syncs. This is because if you decide to sync, you will replace all of the data on your mobile device(s) with the data in the current Quicken desktop data file.

If you want to keep the data currently on your mobile device(s):

1.Click Cancel in the message that displays when Quicken detects this situation.

2. Create a new Quicken desktop data file.

3.In the new data file, click the Mobile & Alerts tab and sign in with your Intuit ID.

4. Sync the new data file with your Intuit ID.

5.Afterwards, you can reopen this data file and sync knowing that the information on your mobile device(s) has been safely stored in the new data file.