What if my security's price history is missing?

To correct missing price history if I'm upgrading from an earlier version of Quicken

You may encounter price history problems when upgrading from an earlier Quicken version.

1. Back up your data file.

2.Set your keyboard mappings to the Quicken standard. (Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Setup > Keyboard mappings.)

3.Open each investment transaction list, press CTRL+Z, and follow the on-screen prompts. This procedure recalculates your transaction list and resets the price history.

To correct price history problems caused by missing ticker symbols

Quicken uses ticker symbols to download the stock prices for securities you track in Quicken. You haven't yet entered the ticker symbols for one or more of your securities.

If you receive a Missing Ticker Symbols message while performing a One Step Update, you can:

• Click Edit Securities to go back and enter the ticker symbols for any securities for which you haven't entered symbols.

• Click Update Now to continue with your update. Quicken won't be able to retrieve prices for securities that are missing their ticker symbols.

• If you don't want Quicken to notify you of missing ticker symbols, select the Don't show this warning again check box.