What if the Portfolio market value doesn't match the transaction list market value?

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Check to see if you have a price history for a date beyond today

The investment transaction list displays the last price entered for a security, regardless of today's date. The Portfolio window displays market values as of a specific date. Therefore, if you have a price history for a future date, and view your portfolio as of today, the transaction list and the Portfolio window will display different values. To correct this situation, check the price histories for each security. If you have any prices for a future date, delete them.

Set the date in the Portfolio window to 12/31/YY (where YY is the current year). If the Portfolio market value changes and now matches the transaction list, you have a price history for a security (or securities) set for a date in the future. You need to check the price histories for all the securities you hold in this account.

If you don't have a future price history, recalculate the investment transaction list

First, confirm that your keyboard mappings are set to the Quicken standard. (Choose Edit menu > Preferences. In the left pane, click Setup. Under Keyboard Mappings, select Quicken standard.)

Then set the Portfolio window back to today's date. Open the investment transaction list and press CTRL+Z.

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