What is a Rent Collection Reminder?

Until Quicken 2008, you used scheduled transactions and income reminders to remind you of rent due.

Scheduled Transactions - Scheduling your bills and other recurring transactions with Quicken can save you time and help you remember to pay your bills when they're due. You can set up scheduled transactions from various locations such as the Bill & Income Reminders snapshot and the Financial Calendar. If you choose to create a scheduled transaction that you'll later pay online, you will have to do a One Step Update monthly to send the payment instruction.

In Quicken 2009 Rental Property and later, you can make use of those reminders as 'Rent Collection Reminders' - if the category in the reminder is 'Rent Received', and if the reminder is not yet associated with any tenant.

Rent collection reminders are set monthly.

  • Where do I set the rent collection reminder?
    You will see the rent collection reminder options in the Add Tenant or Edit Tenant dialogs, just below the Account name field.

    Select the appropriate option:
    • Create a new rent reminder 
    • Use existing rent reminder: if you already have a scheduled transaction for tracking rent, you can use it as a rent reminder for the specified tenant.
    • I do not want a rent reminder
  • Why can't I see the Rent Collection Reminder section?
    • You won't see the Rent Collection Reminder section in the Add Tenant dialog if there are no free scheduled transactions - existing scheduled transactions with category as 'Rent received'.
    • You won't see the Rent Collection Reminder section in the Edit Tenant dialog if a scheduled transaction is already associated with that tenant.
  • What if I delete the scheduled transaction?
    • The rent amount remains as is in the Rent amount field.

    • You will see two options in the Rent Collection Reminder section: Create a new reminder, and No, I don't want a rent reminder. If there is a free scheduled transaction that is not yet associated with any tenant, you will also see the option Use existing rent reminder.
  • What if I don't use scheduled transactions?
    When you add a tenant, leave the rent amount as 0, and select the option No, I don't want a rent reminder.

    To enter the rent received, you can follow any of the following methods:

    • On the Rent Center page, click Add Transactions, and then choose Enter rent
    • Select the tenant on the Rent Center page, and click Enter near the rent amount.
    • Make an entry in the account register.

This feature requires Quicken Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.

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