What's New in Quicken 2012 for Windows

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Here's a list of improvements and changes we've made to Quicken this year.


REDESIGNED! It’s easier to set goals and stay in control of your finances with our redesigned budget tool. Automatically create a budget to track your top five spending categories.

How will I use it?

  • Click the Planning tab.
  • Click the Budgets button if it isn’t already selected.

Debt Reduction Planner

REDESIGNED! Create a customized plan to reduce your debt—new interactive tools make it easy for you to stick to your plan.

How will I use it?

  • Click the Planning tab.
  • Click the Debt Reduction button if it isn’t already selected.

Automatically Accept Investing Transactions

NEW! We've added a preference to enter downloaded transactions into your investing accounts as soon as they are received. And you can control this preference on an account-by-account basis!

How will I use it?

  • To enable or disable this preference globally, choose Edit menu > Preferences. In the left pane, click Downloaded transactions. In the right pane, select "Automatically add to investment transaction lists."
  • To learn how to enable or disable this preference for individual accounts, search Help for "automatic transaction entry."

Large Fonts

NEW! Your finances are easier than ever to see and understand with large font support.

How will I use it?

    cChoose View menu > Use Large Fonts.

Property Dashboard

IMPROVED! Get a true picture of your net worth with our new Property dashboard.

How will I use it?

  • Click the Property & Debt tab.
  • Click the Property button if it isn’t already selected.

Downloaded Currency Exchange Rates

NEW! No more manual entry! Now you can download the latest currency exchange rates.

How will I use it?

  • Choose Tools menu > Currency List, and then click Update.
  • Alternatively, if you use One Step Update you can download exchange rates as part of the update process.
  • This feature requires Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business, or Quicken Rental Property Manager.

Quicken Transfer Format (QXF) Support

IMPROVED! You now have the ability to import and export .QXF files. This facilitates the exchange of data between Quicken Essentials for Mac and other Quicken Windows versions.

How will I use it?

  • Choose File menu > File Import or File Export.

Other Great Stuff

  • NEW! Investment transaction lists now include a Share Balance column.
  • IMPROVED! You'll notice snappier performance while accepting downloaded transactions and opening Security Detail View—especially if you have a lot of accounts or securities.
  • IMPROVED! See how much you really have left to spend with simplified bill and income reminders.
  • NEW! We’ve added more Account Bar icons to make it even easier to see when something needs your attention in an account. Just click an icon and Quicken tells you what it means, and takes you to the area in the program where you can resolve it.

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