Why am I being asked for an Access Code for my ING account?


Due to enhanced security measures, ING now requires their customers to use a Personal Finance Access Code to access account data via Mint (or any other data aggregator). The access code is separate from the ING Direct PIN you use to access your account information directly from the ING site.


In order to access your ING account from Mint, you will need to setup an access code, here's how:

  1. Sign in to ingdirect.com with your Customer Number/Saver ID and PIN.
  2. Select the My Info tab.
  3. In the Personal Finance Access Code section, click the Create Code link.
  4. On the next page, click the Create Access Code button. An access code will be generated for you - that's it.

Now that you have a Personal Finance Access Code setup, you will want to go back to your Mint account and click Fix it in the ING account card. You will be prompted to enter your new access code, along with your ING Customer Number or Saver ID. Once you enter the new credentials, you will be able to access your ING data from Mint again.

To learn more about ING's Personal Finance Access Code, go here.