Working With Scheduled Transactions That Are Due

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To manage scheduled transactions that are due:

  1. Click the Scheduled Bills & Deposits tab at the bottom of the Quicken Home Page.
  2. Select the transaction to work with.
  3. Click one of the following buttons for the selected transaction:
    1. Click Enter to accept, or to change something about the selected transaction prior to accepting (such as the amount). Enter only appears if Quicken was set to remind the user about this transaction when they originally set it up as a scheduled transaction. Otherwise, Quicken will automatically enter it in the register (notice the word "Auto" in place of "Record").
    2. Click Skip to ignore it this time but resume your normal schedule next time.
    3. Click Edit to change all future transactions in this series.
    4. Click Print to print a check that was previously entered.
    5. Click Send to send an online payment instruction that was previously entered.

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