Video: How to Create a Budget in Quicken


Creating a Budget in Quicken 2015

Creating a budget with Quicken helps you feel more confident about controlling your spending, paying your bills, and saving money, so you can achieve your financial goals. 

Once you’ve added your accounts to Quicken, creating a budget is easy. Simply click on the planning tab and click  “get started.”

Quicken will automatically create a personalized, yearly budget based on your past spending patterns.

Click OK and Quicken will analyze expense transactions from your accounts and suggest a personalized budget with monthly spending goals. 

You can customize your monthly budget for each category by clicking on the monthly budget box. 

You can enter a new budget amount for each month or apply the selected amount to all or part of the year.

If you have bill reminders set up, Quicken automatically incorporates your upcoming expenses into your budget to help you stay on top of your financial responsibilities. 

If you don’t want to include reminders, you can also turn them off. 

You can customize your budget in a number of ways using the Budget actions menu.

Quicken tracks your progress by spending category, so you know where you might need to cut back or make changes to stay within your budget.

You can add additional spending categories you'd like Quicken to track by clicking “Select Categories to Budget.” 

Choose the categories you’d like to add, such as your personal income, so you have a clear view of what's coming in, what's going out, and what's left to save.

By creating a budget with Quicken, you'll feel more confident about reaching your financial goals.

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