Video: How to Make it Easier to Pay Bills


Video Transcript: How to Make It Easier to Pay Bills

Hi. I’m Elsa M. from Quicken with some smart ways to pay your bills.

First, do you pay them online? You should. Scheduling payments when they are due lets your money earn interest for as long as possible. And it helps you avoid fees for late payments.

Here are some other important bill-paying tips:

  • Get organized. Use a paper folder for bills that arrive by mail and a digital folder for online bills.
  • Pick a regular time once a week to pay the bills that are due in the coming week. If you can’t pay a bill, it’s best to know it as soon as possible when you may still be able to make alternate payment arrangements.
  • Flag major payments that are due in the future. Budgeting in advance will make these bills easier to swallow when they come due. And you’ll know that this money is set aside and not available for spending.
  • Set up email notification even if you still get bills by mail. It will remind you to take action.

Quicken Bill Pay makes paying bills easier and more secure. Payments go directly to your creditors and are recorded digitally.

Get bill paying down to a science. No one loves to pay bills but everyone feels better when they are paid.

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