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Scheduling Bills in Quicken 2015

By keeping track of your upcoming bills, Quicken helps you pay your bills on time, so you can avoid late fees or overdraft charges and prepare for future expenses. 

Quicken can automatically schedule bill reminders for downloaded expenses it notices are recurring.

To schedule additional bills, simply click “Add a bill” when you first set up your reminders.

Once your reminders have been set up, you can add additional bill reminders by clicking on the options setting.

Or, you can add a reminder at any time by clicking the Bills Tab and then the “Add Reminder” button.

You can see and edit your upcoming bills on the homepage.

To change the date range, click on the Options button.

For more detail on bills and expenses, click on the Bills Tab.

You can see your upcoming bills and income in several different views, including a calendar view.

If you’d like to edit a scheduled bill, click on the bill and choose “Edit”.  

You can change due dates, change the account you’ll use to pay the bill, and add other details.

To skip an upcoming bill or enter a bill into the register, simply click on the arrow for the bill and choose the action you’d like to take. 

Quicken projects the amount you’ll have left in your account after paying your bills, so you know exactly how much you can spend or save at any time.

To see how your future bills will affect your bank balances,  you can click on the Projected Balance button.

Click the green dots to see the bill or income scheduled for that day.

You can also see your projected balances by account and date range.

With the “reminders in register” option, Quicken can include your scheduled bills in the register, so you can easily see your projected balance in the running balance column.

With scheduled bill reminders, Quicken helps you manage all of your bills in one place, so you can pay your bills on time, save money by avoiding late fees or overdraft charges, and budget for future expenses.

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