Video: How to Use the Register in Quicken


Using the Register in Quicken 2015

The Quicken register allows you to easily find and edit your transactions, check for fraudulent activity, and save attachments for better organization.

To access your register, just click the name of the account you’d like to view. 

There you will see all the activity download from your financial institution.

For a truly comprehensive view, you can click on the "All Transactions" link to see transactions from all your accounts combined.

If you have bill reminders set up, you can easily add your reminders to the register. 

You’ll see the status of all your scheduled bill reminders on the left and a running balance on the right, so you have a clear picture of your finances now and in the future.

You can also customize the register to fit your needs. 

Click the settings icon to choose which columns you’d like to see in the register.

You can resize columns to see more or less detail and sort the columns by any field. 

You can access specific transactions by using the Search function in the top right corner. The search function quickly finds transactions in the register based on what you enter.

You can edit information for a specific transaction by clicking the transaction, then clicking in the field you'd like to edit and entering or searching for that information.

Click Save when you’re finished.

You can save attachments, like receipts, to specific transactions for fast access and better organization. 

You can even sync these transactions and receipts to the Quicken mobile or tablet app.

To save an attachment, click on the attachments icon to the right of the transaction, then click "Add." 

Choose the attachment you’d like to apply to the transaction and Quicken will store the attachment for future access.

With the Quicken register, your transaction data is instantly at your fingertips, so you know where your money’s going and where you stand at any given time.

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