Video: Quicken Deluxe/Premier 2014

Learn about how Quicken Deluxe 2014 can help you organize all your personal finance accounts in one place, see exactly where your money’s going and easily manage your day-to-day cash flow. Quicken makes it easy to save more, reduce debt, and create savings goals; and now you can even snap and store your receipts with your mobile device, using the Quicken 2014 free mobile companion app.

Hi, I'm Paul Hochman for Quicken.

Here's what's great about being a grownup: you can eat dessert any time you want.

Here's what's hard about being a grownup: keeping track of the money you spent on dessert.

And on the mortgage, tuition, utility bills, childcare, car payment, gas, food, travel ...

You get the idea.

You need a simple, powerful way to get all the details of your financial life collected, and organized, in front of you.

Enter Quicken Deluxe, which allows you to connect to your financial institutions, and visually organizes all balances and transactions from your accounts.

Next, Quicken shows you how you spend -- simple charts display and organize your hundreds of monthly transactions.

You can click on a spending category for a more detailed breakdown.

Next, Quicken helps you build and follow a budget.

It tracks your spending -- and can automatically create a budget for you based on your past spending patterns.

Quicken can even set aside money in a virtual "savings goal" account, so you can save for specific goals -- a vacation or a down payment on a house.

Finally, the Quicken "debt reduction" feature analyzes your debts, and charts a payoff timeline.

And if you have Quicken Premier, you can even manage your investment accounts.

Quick! Start saving with Quicken!

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