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Quicken 2014 New Mobile Features

Hi, I’m Paul Hochman for the New Simple on

The thing about your financial life is, most of it happens…everwhere else!

Lucky you: the free Quicken 2014/2015 companion app gives Quicken 2015 powerful, mobile features. 

Your Quicken desktop data syncs with your mobile devices – so you can view account balances, transactions and budgets. You can even make changes to your budget, through the app!

Plus, the Quicken app will alert you if your balance is getting low, to help you avoid fees!

Finally, and perhaps most welcome to your accountant, next April -- Quicken 2014/2015 mobile app offers receipt capture. 

It lets you use the camera on your mobile device to snap a photo of your receipts. That are then saved to Quicken cloud.

So when you review transactions back at your computer - an image of the receipt is right there.

Now you can get mobile and get organized!

I’m paul hochman for the new simple. 

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