Ways to Better Organize Your Bills


Keeping track of bills can be stressful, but developing a system to pay them on time at least ensures that you won't be hit with late fees and penalties. Here are some tips for a better payment experience to streamline your finances.

Paying With Your Credit Card

Most companies have the option to pay bills online automatically, which removes most of the hassle out of paying bills. The company charges your credit card for the amount you owe and sends you a confirmation email on the due date each month. The biggest drawback to paying this way is that you may have to pay credit card interest if you carry a credit card balance each month. Consider using your debit card if the companies you deal with offer that option.

Paying From Your Bank Website

If you prefer not to use your credit card for paying bills, you can pay many of them using your bank's website. When a bill comes in, log into your bank account, select the company, the amount, and which day you want the bill paid. Payment will happen automatically on that day, usually for a transaction fee. While you can pay many bills this way, some companies may not be set up for this service with your particular bank.

Using a Bill Payment Service

A bill payment service, like