Quicken 2017 for Windows - What's New Guide

Thank you for choosing Quicken 2017!

Here is a summary of the important new features and enhancements we’ve added to Quicken this year. We really appreciate your business and work hard every day to make Quicken the best personal finance solution for you. Enjoy!

Refreshed, modern user interface

Enjoy a new look that’s easier to use and navigate. It’ also easy on the eyes and you don’t have to learn anything new.

You can customize elements of the new interface to suit your needs:

  • Quicken color scheme

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Startup. In the Quicken colors section, select your preferred color scheme. This color will reflect in the tab navigation bar.

  • Register row spacing

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Register. In the Register row spacing section, select your preferred row height.

  • Show/hide toolbar and main tabs

    On the upper right side of the Quicken title bar, click the up arrow icon. This will allow you to show or hide the toolbar and main tabs so that you get more working space.

  • Expand/collapse widgets in the main view

    Click the expand (plus) plus or collapse (minus) minus icon on the upper left corner of widgets in the main view.

  • Other changes to the user interface

    • The Add Account button is now an icon.
    • A new search box on the upper right of the Quicken window.
    • New toolbar icons.

    New icons

    We’ve updated some icons to give Quicken a more modern look. But don’t worry; everything is still in the same place.

Automatic home valuation with Zillow®

(available on Premier and above)

Get a clear picture of your new worth. Enter your address once and we’ll continually update the estimated market value of your home with Zillow®.

  • Get the estimated current value of your home

    • When adding a house account, enter the purchase date and price.
    • Select Get an Estimate from Zillow and click Get Zestimate®.
      • What does it look like?
        House value

        Note: You also have the option to enter the estimated value of your choice by selecting Enter Estimate.

    • Enter the house address and click Next.
    • If multiple address options are displayed, select the exact address and click Next.
    • Quicken displays the Zestimate® (the current estimated value) of your property.
    • If you want to accept this estimated value, click Update your property value. The adjustment amount displayed below will be entered in your account register.
    • Click Next and proceed with adding the house account.
    • To check for updates to your house value, simply go to the account register and click the Check for updated value button. The latest value is displayed as a transaction in the account register.
  • Already added a house account?

    Don’t worry! Just go to the house account register and click Get Started. Enter your house address and follow the steps above to get the estimated current value of your house.

More powerful mobile app*

  • Investing accounts on your mobile devices

    Your investing account balances, securities, and your watch list can now be synced to mobile devices. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can get the latest quotes on your Quicken Mobile App.

  • Add mobile transactions when you’re offline

    You can now add, edit, or delete transactions on your mobile device, even if you’re offline. These changes will be synced to Quicken desktop when you’re back online.

  • Advanced search on mobile

    You can now search for transaction by category, date, amount or tag depending on your mobile device.

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