Achyuta Iyengar

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My name is Achyuta Iyengar and I am a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. At Quicken, I worked in the Business Development team with Daniel Chen. The primary goal of business development is to form partnerships with organizations in order to create product offerings that add value to the Quicken business. One of the great benefits of working at Quicken, and particularly the business development team, is that I got the best of both worlds: representing the meaningful brand name while simultaneously working in a close-knit, fast-moving startup like environment. Quicken is the #1 brand in personal finance management. As such, when I sent cold introduction emails, I received responses from senior executives and some of the biggest names in banking and financial services! In addition, Quicken’s fast-paced learning focused culture allowed me to accomplish much more in a smaller time frame than I would have been able to accomplish in a stodgier environment. At Quicken, you get the autonomy, flexibility, and trust to make a real impact. I worked on a multitude of projects including exploring industry opportunities in mutual funds, financial advice, long-term care insurance, digital bill pay, identity protection, and affiliate marketing. Accomplishing these tasks involved a lot of research and required me to reach out to several high-level executives at prestigious organizations. One of the most important things I have learned at this internship is how to properly network in order to get authentic responses from individuals that might be difficult to reach. Interning at Quicken has been a great experience. Quicken invests in your education and personal growth and challenges you to think critically. One of the concerns I had about interning was ending up at a place where I was not given enough responsibility and had to do “busy work” rather than impactful work. This never happened at Quicken. The tasks that I worked on directly add value to the Quicken business and my own personal development. Quicken invests in its intern program and I would highly recommend Quicken to anybody who is interested in interning there in the future.