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Automation. Real-time alerts. Savings goals. Insights. Managing your finances just got easier.
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Easy-to-use, custom Savings Goals help you track your progress and reach every goal, from vacations and vehicles to emergency funds and retirement.

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Get a personalized spending plan based on your income & expenses. See where your money is going and instantly know how today’s new shoes will affect tomorrow’s concert tickets.

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Projected cash flows let you see how your balances will change with upcoming income, bills, and subscriptions so you can plan ahead.

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Robust analysis tools like performance charts, balance updates, and a personalized news feed provide powerful insights to help you grow your portfolio.

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It’s easy to share your account with someone you trust. Give your partner or accountant their own login — they don’t even need their own subscription.

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What customers have to say

  • I love how easy [Quicken] Simplifi is. Almost all entries are automated, so there isn't much effort needed to maintain your finance data.


  • I used to believe that I was frugal and I couldn’t understand how I didn't have enough money. [Quicken] Simplifi made me realize that there are actions I can take to better myself financially.


  • Everything about [Quicken Simplifi] is user friendly and powerful all at the same time.


  • Though I haven’t been using [Quicken Simplifi] for very long, I like that I can see everything and see where I need to make adjustments. I finally feel like I am understanding my spending.


  • My favorite things about Simplifi? The ease. The insights. The automation. The reports.


  • I manage multiple banking accounts for myself, my family, and my business. [Quicken Simplifi] helps me to keep track of transfers and budget appropriately for each category.


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Quicken Simplifi


Web app

Starting at$2. 39 $3.99 40% off /monthBilled annually.
  • purple circle checkmark icon Save more with custom savings goals
  • purple circle checkmark icon Get a personalized budget based on income & bills
  • purple circle checkmark icon See the future with projected cash flows
  • purple circle checkmark icon Get real-time spending alerts, reports & tools to manage spending
  • purple circle checkmark icon Share your finances with a partner

Quicken Classic

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Starting at$2. 99 /month$4.99 40% offBilled annually

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Quicken Simplifi “best for most people”?

Quicken Simplifi is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for all the essentials of your financial journey. Track & categorize your spending. Get an automatic, fully customizable spending plan. Reach your savings goals. Plan for the future with projected cash flows. No matter where you are on your personal finance journey, Quicken Simplifi has you covered.

How is Quicken Simplifi’s Spending Plan different from other budgets?

Quicken Simplifi doesn’t force you to choose a single budgeting system. Instead, it starts with your monthly income, subtracts your bills & subscriptions, and generates a personalized Spending Plan that adjusts automatically as you spend. No matter how you like to budget, the tools in Quicken Simplifi can accommodate any method you like to use — zero-based budgeting, envelope budgeting, 50-30-20, and more.

  • See how much you have left to spend per day for the rest of the month, calculated automatically

  • Add any planned spending, from groceries to birthday dinners, to set aside the money you need

  • Include your savings goals in your plan so you don't spend that money by mistake

  • Easily ignore any spending that you don't want to count toward your monthly budget

Can I share an account with someone else?

Yep! You can share your Quicken Simplifi account with your partner, financial advisor, or anyone you trust. Add them with our “Spaces” feature so you can each log in whenever you choose. You can even add more than one person if you want to.