Everything updated for 2018

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  • Number of columns displayable increased from 100 to 250
  • Number of rows displayable increased from 32,000 to 256,000
  • Font size control for reports
  • Option for alternating background row colors for improved legibility
  • Preset display/hide of graphs across Quicken
  • Export my report directly to an Excel file
  • Quicken remembers and auto-suggests the most recent email address in the "From" and "Subject" fields on emailed invoices and reports
  • Add additional columns to transaction reports, including check number, memos, tags, accounts, and transfers
  • Drill down on amounts in Comparison and Summary reports to see new and improved transaction reports
  • Customize your transaction report with the information you want to see
  • Added a "total" row to the transaction report
  • Create Canadian tax line items and a Canadian Tax Schedule report
  • Save a comparison, summary or transaction report as a custom report
  • You can now drill down on transaction reports and set column widths
  • The Comparison, Summary and Transaction reports created from New Report now display date range and customization settings in the upper right corner. This information also appears in printed and exported reports.
  • The report customization dialog has been simplified to have two basic settings: 1) Include any account, category, tag, or payee or 2) Include only selected accounts, categories, tags or payees
  • As part of refining this experience, column selection for transaction reports has been moved to the report toolbar
  • The drill-down report will now remember the columns chosen so that all future drill-down reports will include the same columns
  • The Comparison, Summary and Transaction reports created from New Report will now export foreign and other special characters to the CSV file

Deluxe and above


  • Improved loan tracking including improved downloads, principal vs. interest calculations, interface design, handling of more loans terms and improved conversion from liability to loan accounts
  • Improved loan tracking feature including automatic tracking of loan payoff dates and interest payment calculations
  • What-if analysis with ability to vary payment scenarios to pay off loans faster and save


  • Move Investment Transactions Feature
  • Archive Investment Transactions Feature: Improve performance of investment registers
  • Investment transaction entry. Security dropdown now allows you to search by name or symbol.
  • Added CUSIP field as one of the columns displayed in the security list
  • Standardized the display of 'Hidden Securities'
  • Included an option to include 'All Shares' for Cover Short transactions
  • Ability to resize columns in Security list
  • Richer investment performance with Buy & Hold comparison (Home & Business only)
  • File validation now repairs 0:0 stock splits
  • Improved support for Single-Mutual Funds that don't have cash balances. Instead of showing negative balances, Quicken will automatically add adjustments to offset purchases and keep the cash balance at zero without any additional work from the customer.
  • Investment lot tracking defines sales of investments to specific purchase lots maximizing or minimizing capital gains based on your capital gains tax strategy
  • A complete revamped investment portfolio view that provides over 25 different column customizations
  • Get detailed Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return on Investment (ROI) performance metrics for individual security holdings or accounts in the new performance portfolio view
  • Background quote download
  • IRR now displays results even if you didn't own the security at the beginning of the period
  • Added opening price to security price history download and import
  • The portfolio view can now be printed, exported to a CSV file, or copied and pasted into a spreadsheet
  • The portfolio view now remembers which securities have been expanded and collapsed
  • Added a way to expand all or collapse all securities
  • Securities without a cost basis will now display an Add Cost Basis button that will bring up the dialog to add cost basis information
  • Drastically improved launch times for customers with lots of investment history. Quicken will now only download quotes for held securities; you can also manage this yourself and select which securities to update.  
  • Added a column in the Securities list so you can see which securities are held
  • Switching to the Investment view or from the Portfolio Value view to the Performance view, is significantly faster
  • Switching between different Groups in the Portfolio View now immediately update

Home & Business

  • Easily email invoices directly from Quicken with PDF option

  • Email business documents and reports directly from Quicken
  • Redesigned Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and Account Overview tabs

  • Organize and save your business documents directly in Quicken
  • Customize invoices with your logo and colors
  • Set up your business finances faster with Quicken Business Set Up

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