Is Staying Single Better for Your Finances?

You know you're in love and you know you want to spend your life with your partner — but does getting married help your finances, or leave them worse off? Before you walk down the aisle and commit to each other “for richer or for poorer,” make sure you understand the financial ramifications of your nuptials. That knowledge will help you set out on a “for richer” journey together. The... Continue reading

How To Quit Your Job, Travel the World, And Not Go Broke

Have you ever had a quarter-life crisis? Olivia, a 28-year-old former marketing executive for a Portland, Ore. sporting goods e-commerce company did. She quit her job in Feb. of 2008, two months after earning her MBA from Portland State, and set off to travel the world. Four continents and one year later, she still has nine months of savings in the bank. “I've always been a saver,” says... Continue reading

Five Celebrity Money Fails

Celebrities may dictate fashion and style, but they’re no arbiters of personal finance, at least not in my book. If there’s one thing about money that celebrities have taught us, it’s that you can just as easily burn through 10 bucks as you can several million when you don’t stop to embrace the basic rules of money. You know the plain vanilla stuff like: saving, budgeting, planning and protecting... Continue reading

Digital Extroverts Vulnerable To Identity Theft

Today's twenty-somethings may be the most extroverted generation in history. They chronicle their trips around the world. They fess up to personal bankruptcy. They Facebook, they tweet, they text, they talk–and talk, and talk, and talk. Unfortunately, this conversational navel-gazing could increase the risk of suffering identity theft or other financial malfeasance. Consider the recent... Continue reading

Cents & Sensibility: The Real Cost Of Paying Bills Late

You might think leaving your bills for later is an easy way to avoid pain and suffering, but you're going to end up hurting even more when you realize how much damage you're really doing to your wallet and your credit. For example, did you know late fees are often more than what you pay in interest? That is already way too much. Before you know it, you'll be sliding down the slippery slope of... Continue reading

Cash For Clunkers

The Cash for Clunkers bill recently became law. Many people are excited because it essentially gives auto dealers the ability to provide you with a $3,500 (in some cases $4,500) rebate towards the purchase or lease of a new energy efficient vehicle. All you need to do is trade in your older, less energy efficient vehicle. Some see it as a way to help our environment; others simply see it as... Continue reading

Career Advice As Financial Advice

The following is a guest post by Penelope Trunk. Financial advice comes in many shapes and sizes; but I’ve found that the best financial advice you’ll ever get is career advice. Even if you beat the Fortune 500 Index every year for the rest of your life, without a solid career, you’ll have so little money to invest that you’d probably wipe out all those gains with one year of unemployment... Continue reading

A Millenials Guide To Beating Bankruptcy

Some of us celebrate our 25th year on the planet with pizza and beer, others of us quit our jobs and travel the world, most 25 year olds don’t think about how to avoid bankruptcy. However, when Jim Spiewak II was 25, he was in front of a bankruptcy court judge, explaining how he’d lost two properties — one in Florida, the other in Tennessee — to foreclosure. “I went from the highest of highs to... Continue reading

6 Tax Moves To Make Before December 31st

New Year’s Eve is almost here, but don’t let that stop you from making some important money moves now, before Dec. 31, so you can reap the benefits to your personal finance in 2011 Check your paycheck Did you get a raise, a promotion, or tie the knot? If you were lucky enough to increase your income as a result of these or other benefits, you may need to adjust your withholding for December... Continue reading

Financial Planning 101: How to Remain Realistic

An effective financial plan can help you live within your means, determine your long-term financial objectives and gather the funds you need to achieve those goals. These plans can provide a feeling of financial security and can offer you some control over your financial future. A solid financial plan starts with assessing the reality of your current financial situation to build long-term... Continue reading