Quicken Ultimate Control

Quicken Membership: For Ultimate Financial Control

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Financial security is the best kind of freedom. Whether you want to travel the world or retire on a golf course, having a real picture of your finances and a roadmap to your future is the only sure way to get there. 

That’s what our memberships are all about: giving you complete financial control so you can reach your goals and live your life with peace of mind. 

Powerful, easy, secure

Our most powerful tools are easier than ever, and security is built into every aspect of membership. 

New, improved interface

Our redesigned interface is clean and intuitive. Get an eagle-eye view of your financial landscape, or dive into customized reports and layouts to get exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Industry-leading security

With Quicken membership, your data is stored on your own machine and backed by more than 30 years of trusted security. Now with 256-bit encryption for extra peace of mind.

Sync transactions with one click

Download recent transactions from more than 14,000 institutions, as often as you like, with no added fees. Banks, credit cards, mortgages, and more. So you can take control of your spending, your savings, and your future.

Access your finances remotely with our web app

Traveling without your computer? Can’t install Quicken at work? No problem. Choose the accounts you want to sync, and use our web app to check those accounts through any browser on any machine, safely and securely.

More powerful, upgraded mobile app

Our improved mobile app connects to your finances wherever you go. It remembers your last snapshot so you can use it offline, and every membership above the Starter Edition now comes with mobile investment tracking.

Free online backups

Never worry about hard drive failure again. With Quicken membership, you get 5 free GB of secure Dropbox storage. Back up your data the easy way and restore your full financial picture if you ever need to.

Free Quicken Bill Pay

Quicken Bill Pay is currently included with Premier and Home Business membership. Pay your bills the easy way, on us. We’ll even store each payee’s information for you, so your next payment is ready to go with a click.

Gaze into the future

Membership grants you the ability to see the future—at least when it comes to your finances. 

Projected balances

Use bill and income reminders to see your expected balances up to 12 months in advance. Are those balances dropping month-to-month? Find out now so you can plan ahead and change the future. Are they rising? Even better. You’ll know right away if you can contribute more toward your savings and make your money work even harder.

12-month budgets

Create an annual budget for all your income and expenses, and use it to track your progress. Are you hitting your savings goals and keeping your spending in line? You’ll know in an instant, so you can adjust if you need to, meeting the future on your own terms.

Mortgage “what-if” projections

Enter your mortgage details to model “what-if” scenarios on our custom calculator. See what happens if you increase your monthly payment or if you pay a little extra when you have it. You can even choose an early pay-off date to see what you need to do to make that happen.

We’ve got your back

If you ever need us, we’re here to help. At no extra charge.

Free phone support

All our members get free phone support. Have a question? Set up a call with one of our tech support reps and get the VIP service you deserve. Premium members enjoy the same service even faster with priority access.

Library of resources

If you’d rather forge ahead on your own, we’ve built a tremendous library of resources to explore. Whether you’re looking for something specific or diving into our power-user features, we’ll help you make the most of your membership. 

Vibrant community

30 years of service has its benefits. Our dedicated member community spans the generations and is always ready to help. Have a question? Find immediate answers from other members just like you.