Refining Your Personal Budget As Your Financial Needs Change

Life changes, and your personal budget is no exception. You might change jobs or bring home a new member of the family, or you might simply pay off a car or refinance your home. This simple guide to changing your personal budget over time can help you navigate those financial changes and reach your goals with confidence. Every budget changes over time For dedicated budgeters, changing your... Continue reading

Holiday Budget Hacks: Plan & Save for a Stress-Free Season (Free Template!)

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3 Reasons Why Your Vacation Could Blow Your Budget This Summer

Survey Shows Surge in Summer Vacation Planning and Spending Traps to Avoid

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4 Steps You Should Take Right Now for Your Post-COVID Budget

The changes we’ve encountered over the past year have touched every aspect of life, making this an especially challenging time to budget for the future. Now, as signs point toward re-openings in the U.S., things are about to change again—hopefully, for the better. Here are 4 critical steps you can take today to prepare your personal finances for a post-COVID economy. Step 1. Take stock of changes... Continue reading

Survey Uncovers 3 Key Ways to Improve Your Financial Habits

The lasting effects of COVID-19 have disrupted our daily lives, but as case counts start to drop and vaccination rates soar, society is finally beginning to look ahead to life after the pandemic. Last year, we investigated COVID’s effects on personal finances, revealing the alarming impact of the pandemic across three generations. Now, a new survey investigates current trends in our financial... Continue reading

5 Personal Finance KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Businesses pay close attention to key performance indicators, or KPIs, in taking stock of their finances. Balance sheets compare assets to liabilities. Profit-and-loss statements and statements of cash flow report revenue and expenses. These kinds of KPIs are just as important when it comes to your personal finances. Knowing how your assets stack up against your debts or what percent of your... Continue reading

8 Extraordinary Women of Personal Finance

Quicken Celebrates Women’s History Month This March, in recognition of Women’s History Month, Quicken celebrates the many extraordinary women who are making history in this moment, shaping the world of personal finance. These thought leaders contribute every day to the vital efforts of personal finance awareness and education, drawing more and more women into the conversation by making personal... Continue reading

Quicken Stories: Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith started using Quicken at a surprisingly young age, tracking his paper route savings as a kid and then the expenses of his first car as a teenager. Years later, when he became a CPA, his background with the software entered his professional life. “I got a call from a potential client,” Stephen remembers, “but he didn’t really need a CPA. He needed a personal Quicken expert. He’d been... Continue reading

For Love or Money? Home Budgeting for Couples

When it comes to relationships, money isn't usually the best topic for a first date. But, as things get more serious, couples eventually need to decide when and how to merge their finances after marriage. In fact, many couples start planning their joint financial future before they say, “I do.” Although there’s no one best solution for everyone, Quicken’s suite of personal finance management... Continue reading

2021 New Year’s Resolution: Five Proven Habits That Make It Easy to Manage Your Money

Nothing makes your personal finances easier than having solid data you’ve maintained all year long. With digital records, you can look up just about anything. Your tax deductible business expenses. How much you spent on groceries, month by month. Even the name of the jeweler who fixed your grandmother’s necklace.  If you’ve been meaning to get organized and take control of your finances, the new... Continue reading