Tips on Setting Money Management Goals for Singles

Be Strategic With Life Insurance Conventional wisdom says you don't need as much life insurance when you are single, since you don't have anyone who depends on your income. Not so fast, says insurance claims specialist Deborah Belknap. "While you might not need the same amount of life insurance as a person who is married with children, there are plenty of reasons to get your life insurance in... Continue reading

New Versus Used: Budgeting Tips on Buying a Car

New Versus Used: Budgeting Tips on Buying a Car With used cars, it's wise to budget for repairs. While it's possible to walk into a dealership and walk out with a new car, especially if you have the credit, you might want to consider doing some planning to determine how a new or used car will affect your budget. Both carry different costs. "Other than houses, cars are the largest purchases that... Continue reading
9 great gifts without blowing budget

9 Great Gifts to Give Without Blowing Up Your Budget

Times are tough, money is tight, and the holidays are fast approaching. Many shoppers need to keep a tight rein on their spending, but don’t want to feel like the Grinch when it comes to giving budget gifts to friends and family. How can you save money while giving thoughtful gifts on a budget? Believe it or not, it can be done with budgeting help! Here are 9 affordable – and in most cases, free... Continue reading

Top 10 Money Management Mistakes

Paying Yourself Last   You might be tempted to wait until the end of the month, after all your expenses are paid, before you put any money into savings. If you do, don't be surprised to discover there is nothing left to put in the bank. "Pay yourself first, either through payroll deduction into your company retirement plan, or by an automatic draft from your checking account into your savings... Continue reading

Take a Financial Inventory

If you're on top of your regular income and outgo, then maybe you can safely skip this section to personal budgeting. But if you're barely making it from payday to payday, or have the distinct feeling that you're treading water while others swim merrily by, then here is where you'll find the means to get moving. One thing you need to do is take a financial inventory. That means sorting out the... Continue reading
5 Common Budgeting Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

Budget Accurate budgeting starts by identifying every category of expense, no matter how small the annual expenditure on the item might be. Underestimating your expenses means that, at the end of the month, you'll have less money than projected in your budget, and you won't have the funds to put into savings or to pay down debt. It's not a challenge to include the obvious monthly obligations,... Continue reading

Creating a Household Budget for Short-Term Savings

Short-term savings goals could be as simple as putting aside funds for a special purchase or saving for a much-needed vacation. Once you establish your financial target, it's time to turn your attention to faithfully and systematically depositing your budgeted amount into a savings account or money market fund. Short-Term Vs. Long-Term The difference between short-term and long-term savings... Continue reading

20 Small Ways to Save Big

You’ve heard of the savings crisis in America. You’ve probably even thought, "yeah, I should probably save more.’" But eking out an existence is tough on a starting salary, and sometimes comfort takes precedence over cutting corners. Besides, if you can only save $50 or $100 a month, is it really worth it? The answer: absolutely. By starting to save now, you’re giving your money—however little it... Continue reading

New Year Financial Resolution: Buy a New Car

The clock striking midnight to ring in a new year can be that little extra motivation you need to get on track to save for a new set of wheels. However, buying a new car requires more planning than just driving down to the dealership and signing a few papers. Budgeting how much you can afford and shopping for the best deal on financing ensures you'll enjoy your new ride and make payments without... Continue reading

Savvy Consumer Tips: When to Blow Your Budget and When to Save

"Instead of blowing your budget, think of when you want to splurge on a purchase," says Herigstad. She recommends that your splurges be on items of higher quality that will give you a greater pleasure of ownership. "I don't mind buying a cheap shirt," she says, "but I insist on spending more money on my shoes!" Her point is that quality shoes are important to her, so that part of her wardrobe is... Continue reading