Must-Have Tech Skills to Master This Year

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Companies are looking for candidates with soft-skill basics like the ability to work well with others, to communicate effectively and to make decisions from all the information at-hand. But technical know-how will give you a competitive edge in the job market and at the workplace. Here are five skills to hone.


Data Security

It's not uncommon to hear some news about a data breach in one company or another, which no business wants. That makes data security skills some of the most sought-after in the business world. Security is on the top of the list for most businesses, both in terms of safeguarding customer data and for protecting proprietary information. 

Data security includes all protective digital privacy measures, such as encryption, data masking and data erasure applied to prevent unauthorized users from obtaining access to computers, databases and websites.


Data Analysis

As more and more data is available, knowing how to gather and analyze that information is a critical workplace skill, especially data that reflects customer preferences and business processes. Companies are seeking employees who know how to sift through massive volumes of information, extract the useful elements and translate them into goals and objectives. If you ignore big data, you're not likely to be included in marketing decisions.


Mobile Development

Who doesn't use a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet these days? As this trend continues and mobile use increases, mobile and web development will continue to grow annually. It is likely that in 2016, even more companies will make their revenue-generating processes — like purchasing items and depositing checks — accessible by mobile device. This momentum shows no signs of slowing down as the mobile market is in demand more than ever.


Cloud Computing Basics

Is the cloud the new normal in 2016? Enough companies think so, making familiarity with cloud computing basics one of the more essential skills to bring to the marketplace. The attraction is an age-old one: cutting costs of doing business. 

Converting information into a digital format can be extremely cost saving to businesses across the board. If you know how to harness cloud power for your company, you'll go far, since the cloud can work its magic on everything from data security to collaboration ability.