The Top Unexpected Expenses of Blogging

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Starting a blog is one of the best ways to draw attention to your business. It's usually a relatively inexpensive way to get the word out, but the cost depends on the deals you can get with Web hosting sites and design firms. It also may depend on how computer savvy you are and what type of website you want to build.


Domain Name

Before you get your blog up and running, you'll need a domain name. This is a unique Web address that allows clients to find your website. It could be your name, a business name or anything else you choose, usually followed by .com, .net, .org, or any number of domain suffixes.

You can opt to pay for your domain name through a registrar like If you decide to register your domain name and have it hosted at the same company, you might be able to get a free domain name., a favorite of WordPress users, is one such firm.


Web Hosting

A Web hosting service allows your website to be pulled up by the various search engines, such as Google and Bing. Web host pricing depends on the features you select. For example, some hosts offer single domain hosting, while others allow unlimited domain hosting. Some services include a private SSL, or server, an IP address and a toll-free number. Occasionally hosting companies offer really low rates for the first year, and increase the fee after that. Make sure you research which services you your host offers and choose the plan that matches your business or blogging needs.


Email Services

Email services are designed to build and maintain your customer base. If you are new to blogging or have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you might consider a service like Mail Chimp where you can send up to 12,000 emails a month for a subscriber list of 2,000 or less. Some features, such as automatic emails and delivery by time zone, are available on paid accounts only.


Website Design

One way to get your website noticed is to make sure it looks professional. GoDaddy and HostGator all offer do-it-yourself website building services. If you're not tech savvy, you may consider having a website designer build your site.

GoDaddy will build you a one-page website for a fee, as long as you host with them at. Building a more elaborate site, such as for an online store may run you a little more on top of a monthly host fee. HostGator also offers design packages where you work with a designer to create your site. Pricing depends on the type of services provided, which is worked out directly with your personal designer.