Video: How To Add Accounts in Quicken

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Adding Accounts in Quicken 2015

Adding your accounts in Quicken gives you a clear, personalized view of your finances and spending all in one place, so you can easily manage your money, pay your bills, and plan for future expenses. 

Adding your accounts is easy. Simply click on the Get Started button.

Type your bank name or credit card in the search field, or find it in the list, and enter the username and password you use to log-on to your bank’s website.

We recommend that you click on Save Password. This allows you to create a single, master password for your Quicken password vault.

The vault is securely stored on your computer and contains all your individual bank login information, so you just have to enter one password when Quicken updates your accounts in the future.

Click Connect, and Quicken will connect to your bank, download and automatically categorize your transactions, to see where your money really goes, and get your most up-to-date account balances.

You can add additional accounts, such as savings or credit cards, by clicking the “add an account” button and following the same steps.

Or, you can add accounts at a later time by clicking the “add an account” button in the lower left corner.

Click Finish when you're done adding accounts. 

For a more personalized view of your finances, you can change the names of your accounts and add detailed information by clicking on the account you’d like to edit, clicking the settings button on the right, and choosing “edit account details.”

When you log in to Quicken, we recommend you perform a one-step update to get a real-time view of your finances.

Enter the master vault password you created when you set up your first account, and Quicken will connect to your banks.

Viewing all your accounts in one place through Quicken, helps you stay on top of your finances so you know where your money’s going and where you stand.

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