Track property tax and other items included in a loan payment (Mac)

Time To Read 2 MIN READ

Tracking your loan payment works best if you include all of the categories your payment is being applied to. Even if you have linked to an online account, this information may not necessarily be tracked. It is a good idea to always look at your loan details in Quicken and be sure you are tracking your payment correctly, using the proper categories.

To review and track the items in your loan payment:

  1. Select the mortgage or loan account in the Account List. Your account information will display.

  2. Click Payments in the upper left of your loan window.

  3. Click Edit Loan and Payment Terms.

  4. In the Loan Payment column, click + next to Add extra principal, insurance, tax, etc. A new category field labeled Uncategorized will appear.
    Note: You can add as many categories as you need using +.

  5. Enter a category to track. This typically includes items such as Property Tax, Home Insurance, and Loan Insurance.

  6. Use the amount field next to the category to enter the portion of the payment to apply to that category.

  7. Select Save once you have finished adding categories and amounts to track. Your loan information will now be updated with those categories and amounts.