Expense Management Tips for Property Managers

Expense Management Tips for Property Managers

Whether you rent out a single house or manage multiple buildings with hundreds of tenants, it's always important to keep your property management costs to a minimum to ensure profitability. Here are several ways to reduce your costs for both commercial and residential properties.  Continue reading
Quicken Small Business Budget Template

Small Business Budget Template to Manage Your Cash Flow

A detailed and accurate budget is essential to ensuring your business has sufficient cash flow. Use this template to calculate your profit by subtracting fixed and variable costs from business income. Continue reading
5 Money Management Skills Every Small-Business Owner Needs

5 Money Management Skills Every Small-Business Owner Needs

Small businesses are the heart of our economy — making up 99 percent of U.S. employer firms, according to Babson College. And while your most important task as a small-business owner is to serve your customers, developing some business finance savvy is essential, too. Boosting your financial literacy is easier than you think, especially when you use budgeting software to help. Learn the top five... Continue reading
Everyday Finance Tips for Small-Business Owners

Everyday Finance Tips for Small-Business Owners

Running a successful business requires an eye for detail and attention to the numbers. Whether you're just starting out or you have been running your business for some time, here are five essential finance tips to help ensure your company's fiscal health. Continue reading
Budgeting Tools for New Small Business Owners

Budgeting Tools for New Small Business Owners

Budgeting for your new small business is much the same as budgeting in your personal life in some respects, but there’s one big difference: The income factor in your personal budget is usually somewhat fixed. Your business income can be limitless, on the other hand, or at least that’s your goal when you start out. Making and maintaining a good business budget helps you control costs and invest in... Continue reading
How to Save Money and Budget When Expanding Your Business 60

How to Save Money and Budget When Expanding Your Business

Every business expansion has its own challenges, but knowing how to plan for the unexpected can save you thousands and even keep your business afloat during the transition. Consider these pointers. Continue reading
Best Online Budget Planners for Your Small Business

Best Online Budget Planners For Your Small Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or managing a business with a small staff, online budgeting software isn’t a nicety, it’s an essential. “Using budgeting software minimizes mistakes when you’re collaborating with multiple people,” says Amber Berry, owner of Feel Good Finances and Certified Financial Education Instructor based in Sacramento, California. According to Berry, “If you’re using pen and... Continue reading
Tabs on Go

Small Business Expense Tracking: Keeping Tabs On the Go

Like most things in life, financial transactions seldom happen while you're sitting down at your computer. Being on the road, whether for a business trip or on vacation, shouldn't mean you have to ignore your finances. When you use the Quicken mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.  Continue reading

The Small Business Guide to Outsourcing

By Debra D. Carpenter, Huffington Post contributor and Marketing Director at Conversational   Small business owners exemplify a multitude of wonderful traits and getting things done is often at the top of the list. But as a business grows and high priority tasks are taken on, it’s difficult to ensure every task receives equal time and attention.   That’s why small business owners routinely... Continue reading

Enhance Your Career Skills for Free

Perhaps you're re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise a family, or you've managed to nab a job at a company you've been eyeing for years. Maybe you're just looking for a career change. Either way, a number of free online programs and courses can help you hone your business skills and increase your self-confidence. That promotion may be just around the corner.   Effective Public... Continue reading