Save Money on Practically Everything

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Want to save a buck? How about a few hundred or a couple thousand?

We took a look at eight spending categories in your budget and identified dozens of ways you can keep more money. Whether you need to plug leaks in your spending, learn where to find the best deals or even trick yourself into shaving expenses, we've got something for everyone.

And here's a bonus tip: Before you even start looking elsewhere in your budget to cut costs, start at the source with your paycheck. If you get a tax refund, it means you're overpaying Uncle Sam from the beginning.

Boost your take-home pay today by adjusting your tax withholding by filing a new Form W-4 with your employer. Invest a few minutes in this task and you’ll be rewarded with a bigger paycheck every payday.

In that spirit of not overpaying anyone for anything, check out the articles below—and keep more cash for yourself!

Save Money on Investing

  • Nine ways to maximize your returns—and minimize taxes and costly mistakes.

Save Money on Food

  • Satisfy the hunger without starving your wallet. Here are ten ways to save money on groceries and dining out.

Save Money on Transportation

  • Ten smart strategies to cut your fuel costs, insurance premiums and parking fees.

Save Money on Travel

  • Get away without breaking the bank with these 15 budget-friendly tips.

Save Money on Utilities

  • Fifteen quick, cheap and easy ways to cut your electricity, heat and water bills.

Save Money on Phone, Internet and TV

  • Talk is anything but cheap, not to mention Internet and cable TV. Try these ten tips to hang up on high costs.

Save Money on Credit, Debt and Banking

  • Don't pay more than you should. Get all the benefits you deserve with these 11 tips.

Save Money on Entertainment

  • Having fun doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget. Here are 12 ways to stretch your entertainment dollars further.