Small Business Budget Template to Manage Your Cash Flow

A detailed and accurate budget is essential to ensuring your business has sufficient cash flow. Use this template to calculate your profit by subtracting fixed and variable costs from business income.

Income: All sources of money coming into your business

  • Tip: When budgeting for future revenue, keep estimates conservative
  • Possible income sources:
    • Sales income
    • Capital gains
    • Royalties
    • Commissions
    • Referral fees
    • Renewable service contracts

Fixed Costs: Business expenses that remain constant each month

  • Tip: Some costs, like utilities and advertising, have both fixed and variable components
  • Possible fixed costs:
    • Office lease
    • Property tax
    • Minimum loan payments
    • Insurance
    • Business permits and fees
    • Full-time wages

Variable Costs: Business expenses that fluctuate each month

  • Tip: Many variable costs, like postage, can be calculated by the cost-per-unit
  • Possible examples:
    • Packaging
    • Equipment rentals
    • Travel expenses
    • Entertaining clients
    • Consultant fees
    • Part-time wages
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