Small Business Expense Tracking: Keeping Tabs On the Go


Like most things in life, financial transactions seldom happen while you're sitting down at your computer. Being on the road, whether for a business trip or on vacation, shouldn't mean you have to ignore your finances. Small business expense tracking, or even just personal expense tracking, is a necessity wherever you may be in order to be financially successful. When you use the Quicken mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Using the Quicken Mobile App

The Quicken mobile app is free for both Apple and Android mobile devices. Once you have installed it, sign in with the same ID you used for your Quicken desktop software. After signing in, tap the Refresh button to sync all your data between your desktop software and the mobile app using the Quicken cloud. Transactions, budgets and other information you entered on the desktop will now be visible on the mobile app, and transactions you enter on the mobile app will sync directly to your desktop. 

Capturing Receipts

David Almonte, CPA, CGMA and member of the AICPA’s National CPA Financial Literacy Commission based in Providence, Rhode Island, recommends leveraging the power of your smartphone to quickly keep track of all your receipts. "I always take pictures of receipts as I travel for work," he says, "and email them to myself to store in a specific folder for that trip. Then, once I return, all receipts are in one place and ready to upload for reimbursement or itemized for business purposes."

The Receipt Capture feature on the Quicken mobile app lets you take photos of receipts or any other transactions you want to save, and stores them to the cloud for you to access when you get back to your computer. If you have a few minutes to enter transaction details into the app, you can take the receipt photo at the same time. Launch the Quicken app and select a transaction from the Account or Earned/Spent options. Once the transaction details are entered, tap the camera icon near the top of the screen and take a picture of the receipt.

Other Tips

When taking a photo of a receipt, remember to put the receipt on a flat surface and make sure all essential information is visible on the screen. If the image looks blurry, just tap the center of the screen to focus the camera. 

When you have a receipt in hand, but don't have the time to enter the transaction details into the app, take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone's camera. Later, when you enter the details into the Quicken mobile app, tap the camera icon and scroll through your photo gallery to find the image. The next time you sync the app to your desktop, Quicken automatically attaches the receipt photo to the transaction in your Register. 

The Quicken mobile app is like having a personal assistant with you wherever you go. The more you use it to track your finances while you're on the road, the less time you will have to spend sitting at your computer and the more time you will have to relax knowing everything is taken care of.