Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard that Quicken 2017 looks different than prior Quicken versions.

We have revamped Quicken for a fresh and more modern look! This new version has more working space and a flat layout to make it easier to use. This is only a visual update, so there is minimal change to the features and functionalities you’re used to seeing in the product.

Tell me about how Quicken works with Zillow®.

In our continuous effort to help you manage your finances and assets, we have partnered with Zillow® - an online real estate database company, so you can get the latest estimated market value of your home in Quicken without having to search for it online and manually entering it in Quicken.

Just link your house asset in Quicken to Zillow® and you’ll get the latest value of your home in Quicken whenever you want.

How can I get an updated estimate of my house in Quicken?

  • If you’re adding your house in Quicken for the first time, you need to choose to link it to Zillow®.
  • If you’ve already added your house to Quicken, you simply need to link it to Zillow® by going to the account register.

Once you link your house asset to Zillow®, you can get the latest estimate at the click of a button. You can also choose to use the Zillow® estimate or enter your own estimate.

Is this estimate accurate?

To know how Zillow® estimates the value of your home, click here.

Can I get the estimate of my house automatically every day?

Quicken doesn’t automatically populate house estimates. However, you can get the latest update every day from Zillow® - at the click of a button!

Can I unlink my account from Zillow® whenever I want to?

Yes, you can unlink from Zillow® whenever you want to.

Does Zillow® work even if I’ve added my house account in previous versions Quicken?

Yes. You simply need to go to your account register and link your house to Zillow®.

What's new in Quicken mobile for 2017?

Get more power on the go with our improved mobile app.*

  • See how your investments are doing whenever, wherever. (not available in Starter Edition)
  • Enter transactions manually even if you're not connected to the internet.
  • Search by check number, amount, note/memo & more.

Tell me more about how investment sync works?

You can get real-time quote updates anytime. Not available in Starter Edition.

Note: you won’t be able to sync investment transactions to your mobile device to or from Quicken desktop or your financial institution.

If I'm offline, can I manage my transactions on mobile?

Yes. You can add, edit, or delete transactions, even if you’re offline. These changes will sync to Quicken desktop next time you connect and do a mobile sync from Quicken.

Is there an 'advanced search' functionality on Quicken Mobile?

Yes, with the new 'search' on mobile, you can search transactions by check number, amount, and note/memo.