My name is Nathan Villanueva. I’m a senior at Texas A&M University and one of seven interns working at Quicken over the summer. I’m working with the data warehouse on a couple of projects under Bob Wenzel.

Quicken is my first real internship. Until now, the grand majority of my coding experience has been academic. While academic projects are useful for learning new topics, languages, and methodologies, they don’t carry the same responsibility or practicality of real-world work.

While at Quicken, I’ve learned a ton about how data is stored, accessed, and used in a professional setting. I’ve used tools that I hadn’t even heard of before, like Talend and SAS, and tools I’ve heard of but never used, like Amazon Web Services and Lambda. While I could have found an online tutorial for these or something similar, it would never compare to the real-world experience with meaningful data at Quicken.

I’ve also learned about the corporate structure and environment in general, from attending occasional overview meetings and simply interacting with the other employees. In all my projects, I know people who I can reach out to for help when it’s needed, and other people who depend on those projects getting completed to make their jobs easier and/or more efficient. It really makes me feel like an important part of the company instead of a replaceable cog in a machine. Quicken has taught me so much about so many subjects, and I’m very glad to have this opportunity.