Best Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Money

Best Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Money

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When managing money went from using pen and paper to digital, keeping track of your finances became almost as simple as booting up your computer. Now, with the move to mobile, it's even easier to manage your financial life. No matter what you’re focused on financially — from saving for college to saving for retirement — mobile apps make it more convenient to manage, send and receive money. Try one of these apps to help keep your dollars in line.   


If you’re the number-crunching type who wants simple but effective money tracking, Tiller could be the app for you. “Some people feel more comfortable with spreadsheets than an actual website,” says Amber Berry, a Certified Financial Education Instructor based in Sacramento, California. “If someone wants more streamlined spreadsheet experience, they can use Tiller.” The app works with Google docs and automatically imports and live-updates your financial information into a secure spreadsheet for easy tracking. And because it’s web-based, you can easily access and edit your data from both a mobile device and your computer.


If you like the envelope system of budgeting — placing the cash for each of your expenses in a series of envelopes — but you hate paying with cash, try Mvelopes. This app allows you to create digital envelopes for each item in your budget. It updates each envelope on the go by capturing receipts with every purchase. Mvelopes also keeps a history of your spending by location, so you can literally see where your money is going.

Debt Manager

There’s arguably no more important time to manage your money than when you’re trying to pay down your debt, and Debt Manager can help. The app allows you to track all of your debts and create repayment plans to pay down the principals faster. It recommends the snowball model of debt repayment — paying off smaller debts first, then allocating those funds to your larger debts. Its highly visual interface lets you see your progress as you pay off each debt, so you get instant motivation each time you open the app.


Venmo is designed to make sending money easy — whether you’re paying your rent or just sending a cash birthday present to a friend. It connects to your bank account or credit card so you can easily send and receive money. The app integrates with other digital services like for even more convenience. Venmo also includes its own social features, so you can share status updates with your friends on each payment.


Manage your personal or business budget — or both — with the Quicken mobile app. It connects to your desktop Quicken software to sync financial information on your computer and mobile devices. You can easily check account balances on the go, live-update new purchases with the “snap and store” feature that saves photos of receipts, view and analyze your spending history and track your investments to monitor spending and cash flow. If you use Quicken Home & Business, you’ll also be able to track business revenue and expenses, cash flow and profit projections from anywhere. 

Used on its own or in combination with other apps, Quicken mobile helps you stay on top of your finances whether you're commuting to work, relaxing on vacation or anything in between.