Quicken's mobile, budgeting app - stay connected to your money

Stay connected to your money

See your Quicken info on the go with Quicken 2016 and the free Quicken mobile app!

  • Sync data from your computer to your phone or tablet
  • Check account balances and your household budget - anywhere, anytime
  • Enter transactions on the fly for instant balance and budget updates

New Navigation bar for better organization and ease of use

New Updates tab to view recent and uncategorized transactions

See your Quicken info on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ devices.

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Know what you can spend

  • Sync your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to your phone or tablet
  • View your personal finance information (like balances, budgets, and transactions) anywhere, anytime
  • Automatically updated with new transactions so you can stay on top of your spending while traveling
  • When you’re back home, just sync to download all your updates

Know where your money is going

  • View Updates tab to see recent and uncategorized transactions
  • Enter cash transactions any time to see instant updated balances and budgets
  • Categorize your transactions to help you better manage your budget
  • Drill down in each category to gain deeper insights about your spending

Snap and store receipts

  • Snap a picture of your receipt with your phone or tablet
  • Easily keep track of your most important purchases, warranty information, or tax-deductible donations
  • Eliminates paper clutter and makes returning purchases easier

Always feel secure

  • Passcode-protected and backed by the security measures you expect from Quicken
  • Turn off the mobile app from your computer if you lose your smartphone or tablet
  • Opt out with a single click if you don’t want to use the mobile app

System Requirements

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: Requires iOS 8 or iOS 9
Android mobile and tablet: Requires 3.0 or higher

Windows Phone and Blackberry: Not compatible at this time

Quicken mobile app benefits

  • Easy-to-use navigation bar
  • Syncs your desktop and mobile info across devices
  • Shows account balances and transactions
  • Automatically pulls in your Quicken desktop budget
  • Attach receipts to transactions
  • Easy-to-understand spending graphs
  • Manually add transactions
  • Categorize and split transactions
  • Alerts and notifications for account changes
  • Proven encryption technology and passcode protection
  • Ability to deactivate app from Quicken desktop software