Should You Lock Your Social Security Number?

If you have reason to think you might be targeted for identity theft, one option to protect yourself is to lock your Social Security number (SSN) so no one can use it. Whether or not you should take that step, also known as “feezing” your SSN, depends on several factors.  This quick guide will walk you through the process and help you decide whether locking your Social Security number is the... Continue reading

The Best Apps to Transfer Money

PayPal and Western Union are familiar traditional banking companies, but now almost everyone seems to be getting into the mobile banking industry. This convenient option fits well with our increasingly global society, allowing you to send money nationally — and sometimes internationally — with just the push of a few buttons. Continue reading

10 Unique and affordable holiday shopping gift ideas to keep your family close

If you’re holiday shopping on a budget in 2020, you’re not alone. This year has been full of financial challenges for many families, but you can still cherish the holiday season—and the joyful tradition of holiday shopping—with these 10 unique gift ideas for 2020. Our 2020 gift list has been hand selected to keep your family close, connecting you to loved ones near and far without breaking the... Continue reading
Save Money On Groceries

How to Save Money on Groceries: 15 Tricks to Try

In 2018, Americans spent $372 per month on average for groceries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And for many of us, social distancing in light of COVID-19 has sent our grocery bills even higher as we stay inside, cook at home more, and — let’s be honest — stress buy.  Whether you’re shopping once a week in person, or having your groceries delivered, there are several ways you can... Continue reading

Financing the Family Vacation

With Memorial Day coming up, summer and the travel season are officially kicking off. Everyone is planning to get out of town and have some fun in the sun. Family vacations are all about bonding and having fun, but unlike when a group of friends travel together and split the costs, it's usually Mom and Dad who foot the bill. Planning how to finance your vacation ahead of time can eliminate the... Continue reading

11 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

We tend to associate spring with cleaning out our closets, scrubbing our floors and repairing any damage our homes incurred during the winter. But the season for renewal can also be the perfect time to get our financial house in order. Here are 11 ways to spring clean your finances. Continue reading
How Much Should You Spend on Rent

How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

For decades, the general rule has been that you should not spend more than 30 percent of your income on housing. Yet, with increasing expenses and slow growth in wages, this number has become less realistic for a growing number of Americans. Whether you can keep your rent below the 30 percent threshold or not, here are some important numbers to keep in mind when working on your monthly budget. Continue reading
How a Budgeting App Can Change Your Rental Property Business

How a Budgeting App Can Change Your Rental Property Business

The benefits of an app for managing your rental business are numerous," says Stein Smith, "but primarily focus on the increased transparency that comes from being able to track payments and expenses by location as they occur in real time. Continue reading
Avoid Debt With a Budgeting App

Avoid Debt With a Budgeting App

When it comes to financial health, debt itself isn’t bad — taking out loans and other forms of credit actually builds your credit history and credibility with lenders. But unmanageable debt can be stressful. Using a budgeting app can lower the chances that you’ll accidentally find yourself in too much debt to manage. It can also help you make smart choices if you choose to take on good debt in... Continue reading
Personal Finance Strategies: Applying for an Auto Loan

Personal Finance Strategies: Applying for an Auto Loan

When it comes to buying a new or used vehicle, there are more financing options available today than ever before, due mainly to the power of the Internet. Not only can you compare the prices of vehicles online, you can also use the Internet to research financing. Invest a bit of time to ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned dollars without rushing into a decision. Continue reading