How to Leverage Social Media for Financial Advice

When you think of seeking financial advice, most people don't think of social media as a resource. Traditionally, you had to go to a bank or a brokerage house to get fresh financial advice. Now, with the advantages of social media, you can link up with advisers or like-minded investors online to discuss all types of financial information.   Seeking a Financial Adviser Social media offers numerous... Continue reading

The Future of Mobile Payments

Mobile payments offer the promise of great convenience, but the technology behind these systems is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, the world of finance seems to be moving in the direction of a cashless society. While physical money might never be phased out entirely, the ease of use and low cost of electronic transactions can eventually transform mobile payments into the option of choice for... Continue reading
Budget For These Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses to Start Budgeting For

Date: May 2, 2017 The most exciting part of travel might just be in planning the details. But don't get too deep into daydreaming without incorporating another kind of planning: financial. It's never too early to figure out how much your trip will cost and start budgeting for it. Expenses You May Incur Before You Even Leave Home While plane tickets and accommodations are the primary costs of any... Continue reading

A Financial Checklist When Traveling Abroad

Gone are the days when you needed traveler's checks to shop or conduct business abroad. But that doesn't mean you should run to the international airport with only a wing and a prayer. It pays to take the time to get ready and get set at least a week before you go. Continue reading

Budgeting with Meal Delivery Services

It's easy to fall into the takeout food trap. No matter if you're a young professional or a head of household, most work-life schedules leave little time for whipping up homemade meals. It comes as no surprise the explosive popularity of subscription food services that offer the finished product of a "homemade meal," without the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping. But with convenience... Continue reading