Managing Family Finances—How to Keep It All on Track and Under Control

Are your holiday traditions changing this year? If so, you’re in good company. While we hold on to the things that matter—family, friends, and the joy of the holiday season—our traditions will take new forms, evolving as we find new ways to celebrate and spend time together. As traditions (and families) change and grow, Quicken adapts to your needs, helping you manage the unique challenges of... Continue reading
Quicken Teach Kids Value Of Money

9 Ways To Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

It’s never too early to learn about personal finance, especially when the lessons are fun. Now that summer’s in full swing, here are 9 summer challenges you can do with your kids to prepare them for their financial future and enjoy some quality family time along the way. 9 Fun Summer Challenges for Kids & Families 1. The No-Spend Weekend Challenge One of the most important ways to teach kids... Continue reading
Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift?

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift?

That Financial Conversation You’ve Been Putting Off

Studies show that finances are one of the top stressors in a relationship. With the quintessential relationship-centric holiday—Valentine’s Day—on the horizon, Quicken, maker of the best-selling personal finance software in the US, surveyed over 1,000 adults to gather insights into the ever-elusive personal finance conversation. Whether you embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day or staunchly... Continue reading
Financing Your Family. Did you win the lottery this year? Consider having kids!

Financing Your Family [Infographic]

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What/How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management

What/How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management Money management is a fundamental life skill that is often overlooked in schools and formal education. Typically, children will learn about money management either from their parents or on their own, rather than through any organized curriculum. Because financial know-how will eventually touch nearly every aspect of their lives, children should... Continue reading

Combining Finances In A Relationship

Can a couple where both participants have different attitudes towards money and different incomes survive in a relationship with combined finances for their household budget? A differing philosophy or income is not an automatic problem. What’s really important is the goal. If two people agree on some basic principles, there is room for differences in habits. In a partnership, there are ways... Continue reading

Why Money Management Is Key to Making Your Life Easier

Though money management might be a scary term for some people, it doesn't have to be. In fact, taking the time and investing the effort to get your financial house in order can actually make your life much easier -- and less stressful -- because you put systems in place to account for life's "what ifs." Peace of Mind From Knowing Your Finances When you have solid money management skills, you... Continue reading

Estate Planning Basics: What Everyone Should Know

Estate planning is about protecting the people you love. That’s why everyone—not just the wealthy—needs an estate plan. The details of your plan naturally depend on your individual situation. But there are essential components every estate plan should include. A strategy for your survivors No matter how long you live, one day others are going to inherit everything you own. The following documents... Continue reading

Cheap Travel Ideas: Fly, Drive, or Neither

Even though holiday travel and vacation isn't far behind us, you're probably already stuck behind your desk, daydreaming about your next getaway. If you're a travel nut, you've probably realized that those little weekend trips and summer vacations can add up. Hopefully these money management tips and cheap travel ideas will help you save a little the next time you hit the road. Continue reading

Marriage & Financial Planning: Challenges to Consider

When you marry, you merge hearts, minds -- and finances. Someone else gets a say in how you spend money, how much debt you take on and what your financial goals should be. The "Wall Street Journal" notes that money fights are one of the top issues for couples. Talking about money with your spouse may feel awkward at first, but it's a talk that needs to happen. Talk About Financial Plans... Continue reading