Who Does the President's Personal Finances?

Despite being the leader of the free world, the president still has to pay personal bills, and many of them have opted not to pass off that responsibility to a financial professional. However, great diplomacy doesn’t necessarily mean great financial aptitude. In fact, not all presidents have been good at managing their money. Continue reading
How Could a Changing Economy Affect Your Savings?

How Could a Changing Economy Affect Your Savings?

Changes in the American economy not only affect jobs and wages, they often have a direct impact on your savings. And there’s no more likely time for economic change than at the beginning of a new presidential administration. While no one can predict the effects the Trump administration will have on the American economy, it's vital that you understand how changes in interest rates and inflation... Continue reading

New Year, New Presidency: How Might The Trump Administration Affect Your Finances?

Date: January 1, 2017 It’s not uncommon to want to tighten your purse a little when a new president takes office. With new policies, many economic and financial changes could be ahead. There’s been a lot of speculation about how the economy will fare under President-elect Donald Trump, but he’s been pretty vocal up front about the things he wants to achieve. Continue reading
Investing in Gold and Silver

What to Know About Investing in Gold and Silver

Precious metals have always had a unique allure, and history shows they have swung into and out of favor with investors many times. Their price surges in times of political upheaval or economic downturn, then drops when things look rosy.  So should you take the golden plunge? Here are some tips about investing in precious metals.   Precious Metals as Insurance "See this paper money? In 100 years... Continue reading

Understanding Negative Interest Rates

Negative interest rates are a peculiar thing. They are the rate of interest you earn when you invest in instruments like bonds or a savings account at your local bank. Not only do you not earn money when interest rates are negative, but you might actually owe it. The situation is unusual, so many investors don't understand exactly what a negative interest rate is or how it can come into play.  ... Continue reading