Tricks to Win the Fight Against Debt

No matter how you acquired the debt, you can't go back and change the past. But, you can implement a plan to win the debt reduction war and start spending your money the way you want, rather than scraping by to pay off your old creditors. It may be a long fight, but with a plan you can start by winning the small battles that will help you turn the tide and declare your financial freedom. Know... Continue reading

Creating a 5-Year Plan For Your Finances

  The Cheshire Cat famously told Alice that if she didn't care where she ended up, it didn't matter which way she headed. Think about this when you contemplate making a five-year financial plan. It's not at the top of on anyone's fun list, but the chances of achieving your goals increase when you figure out where you want to go and lay out a road map to get there. Here are some tips to get you... Continue reading

Ways to Repair Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn't necessarily come just from shopping too much with credit cards or even excess spending. Medical bills or falling home values can lead to bankruptcies and foreclosures that can also tank your credit scores. If you take no action, your credit rating revives after about a decade, but you can jump-start the process by limiting damage as it occurs, then taking affirmative, credit-... Continue reading

Loan Modifications 101

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a loan modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a loan that allows the loan to be reinstated at a lower payment that the borrower can afford. Obtaining a loan modification isn't easy; many people lost houses due to foreclosures in recent history, and only some were able to get assistance through a loan... Continue reading

How to Keep a Spending Journal

Do you ever look at your bank account balance and wonder where your money went? Or, perhaps you're getting serious about setting up a budget to get yourself financially on track. The best way to monitor your spending — the first viable step to creating a realistic budget — is to keep a spending journal. What Is a Spending Journal? A spending journal is a visual aide that lets you see exactly... Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Date: July 7, 2016 Life is good — you have a little extra cash on hand, and oh-so many possibilities exist for making that money work for you. You might invest it, save it or even pay off your mortgage early. Whether you should do the latter, though, depends on your personal circumstances. Looking Ahead Toward Retirement Paying off your mortgage early can be a good idea if you anticipate you’ll... Continue reading

Money-Saving Games and Strategies

Date: June 21, 2017 Try to explain the importance of saving money to some people and you might just hear snores in the middle of your well-intended lesson. Instead, introduce games and strategies into your talk and show them how saving money can be fun. Some low-tech strategies have been around for decades; others are perfectly tailored for a generation that grew up with a passion for computer... Continue reading

How to Go on a "Financial Diet"

The comparison between saving money and cutting calories goes beyond clever analogies. Some principles have much in common, such as the slow-is-best approach. Quick weight loss and sudden money-saving ideas may produce short-term results, but they rarely address underlying conditions where effective, ongoing change can be introduced. Like dieting, spending works best based on a plan. When your... Continue reading

How Personalities Affect Spending

Everyone may pay the same way — either with cash, credit or debit — but the experience of spending money can be radically different from one person to the next. Understanding how your personality affects your spending habits may help you reign in those impulse purchases.   Experiential Personalities People who prefer spending money on new experiences rather than to collect material possessions... Continue reading

How to Spend Smarter

Spending nothing at all would be a great way to maximize savings if we didn't get hungry around dinnertime. There are hundreds of money-saving strategies designed to find hidden dollars, but how you spend them is discussed less often. You may be able to create wealth through smarter spending habits. Continue reading