Simplifi by Quicken: University Alumni Program

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Quicken offers Simplifi to universities to help alumni prioritize their financial health

Taking the reins on your personal finances is multi-faceted - it requires managing your credit cards and student debt, knowing where to invest the portion of your paycheck that’s leftover after rent and monthly bills, and understanding what you can afford to spend on travel, entertainment and other nice-to-haves. 

To help alumni easily understand and track their personal finances, we’ve partnered with alumni associations at the University of Texas at Austin, James Madison University, University of Michigan, University of Mississippi, University of Oregon and SUNY Buffalo State College to provide access to the Simplifi by Quicken app. These savvy associations are committed to ensuring their alumni are prepared for the real world with the crucial life skill of money management.

Simplifi by Quicken, which was recently named the “best budgeting app” by The New York Times’ Wirecutter and recognized in Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards, is the easy, modern way to stay on top of your money. Our ad-free app provides an elegantly simple interface to see all your finances in one place, better manage your spending and maximize savings, keep your bills and subscriptions in check, and get the insights needed to reach your financial goals with confidence. 

The rising generation is facing significant challenges, thanks to the pandemic and the recession. Earlier this year, we surveyed 1,300 adults in the U.S. to understand the pandemic’s impact on their personal finances. We learned that even if people felt financially prepared pre-pandemic, they experienced a significant financial impact. Recent college grads are faced with the added layer of the worst job market in over a decade and lower starting salaries due to COVID-19. 

Our partnership with these alumni programs will give their alumni a leg up on staying on top of their finances, so they can achieve their long-term financial goals. Simplifi will empower alumni with a clear picture of what’s left to spend or save, as well as valuable insights to make better financial decisions. 

Simplifi connects to all your financial accounts and makes it easy to import historical data, so you have a clear and accurate representation of your financial health. Some of Simplifi’s other key differentiators include:

  • Watchlists - Keep an eye on what you care about by easily grouping spend into categories -- like pets, household and transportation -- and customize alerts so you always know if you’re approaching or have exceeded target spending.
  • Projected Balances + Spending Plan - Easily project balances and stay on top of recurring bills and expenses, so you can track against what is left to spend or save each month. Enhanced reporting gives insight into how much your spending on certain categories, such as groceries or takeout, changes over time.
  • Savings Goals - Maximize your savings by creating and tracking progress against an unlimited number of short- and long-term savings goals, such as a vacation, new home or vehicle, or that hot tub you’ve been eyeing.

The list of universities that have joined our University Program is growing. We invite college and alumni association representatives to learn more at: