Finance on the go: The best ways to use a budgeting app like Quicken

Finance on the Go: the Best Ways to Use a Budgeting App

When technology runs faster, the speed limit on life seems to increase right along with it. Some details — even really important ones that determine your financial health — can fall by the wayside when you’re busy juggling work and the demands of family. Luckily, the geniuses behind financial software and mobile apps are well aware that your time is a precious commodity, and they try to make... Continue reading
Budgeting apps, money management made easy; Quicken

Budgeting Apps: Money Management Made Easy

The financial tools available today make it easier than ever to manage your monthly budget. Financial management software is great when you’re sorting through a stack of bills in your home office, but what about when you’re on the go? In an increasingly mobile world, budgeting apps help you keep control of your finances no matter where you are.  Continue reading

Train Your Finance Brain: How Much Should Your Monthly Budget Be? [Quiz]

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From Donations to Deductions: Tracking Your Charitable Donations

With the advent of social giving online, charitable donations such as #GivingTuesday and campaigns in the wake of disasters provide easy ways to support causes close to our hearts. Whether you give at the end of year or throughout, tracking your charitable donations can provide rewards at tax time.   Use Itemized Deductions for Large Donations The IRS offers two ways to deduct expenses to... Continue reading

The Small Business Guide to Outsourcing

By Debra D. Carpenter, Huffington Post contributor and Marketing Director at Conversational   Small business owners exemplify a multitude of wonderful traits and getting things done is often at the top of the list. But as a business grows and high priority tasks are taken on, it’s difficult to ensure every task receives equal time and attention.   That’s why small business owners routinely... Continue reading
How Much House Can You Afford To Buy?

How Much House Can You Afford?

Owning a home is part of the American dream – a place of your own where you can raise your kids and your grandchildren can come to visit. Part of that dream might be reaching for the stars to buy the biggest and the best, but your income and budget might make that hard to do. So how much house can you afford? Here are a number of methods that can help you figure it out. Continue reading

Why You Should Follow the IRS on Social Media

The Internal Revenue Service just wants to be like everyone else – accessible on Facebook or Twitter, available to chat with you about whatever’s on your mind. The IRS has jumped into the social media scene in an effort to make tax time as painless for you as possible. The agency wants to be your friend and offers many solid reasons why you should accept the invitation.   Advantages of Following... Continue reading

Should You Lock Your Social Security Number?

Some people are just more careful than others. They always lock their cars, they look both ways before crossing the street and they don’t open emails from unknown senders. If you’re one of them, and you have reason to be concerned about identity theft, the U.S. government offers a powerful tool to help keep you safe: You can lock your Social Security number.   How It Works Locking your Social... Continue reading

What to Expect When Transferring a Credit Card Balance

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve probably received a credit card offer in the mail and thought, “Sure, why not?” The interest rate might be exorbitant, but you figure you’ll use the card only sparingly. The next thing you know, you’re pushing up against your credit limit and paying a king’s ransom in interest.  A credit card balance transfer moves the amount you owe one lender to a new card... Continue reading

Financial Dos and Don'ts of Remodeling

Most people buy a home that's already built, not one that's custom-made for them, so it's normal for home and condo owners to want to remodel things to their liking. Remodeling projects often aren't cheap, but you can keep your expenses down by planning ahead. If you're thinking about sprucing things up a bit, check out the following dos and don'ts before you write a big check.   Shop Around for... Continue reading