Can I Write that Off? [Infographic]

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See how each generation saves!

How Each Generation Saves [Infographic]

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How many types of retirement plans are there?

Types of Retirement Plans [Infographic]

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How to Start a 401k

Investment 101: How to Start a 401(k)

To encourage people to save for retirement, the government offers a number of tax advantages for contributing to special retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, which can be offered by for-profit companies. Knowing how your 401(k) plan functions helps you make better decisions about how much you want to contribute and how you want to invest the money in the account. Who Can Contribute to a 401(... Continue reading

Find a Penny, Save a Million

This following is a guest post by Bob Bobala, personal finance guru and former Motley Fool editor-in-chief. In a sign of the times, educators in Florida are trying to collect 2.6 million pennies – one for each student in the state – to make a point about the plight of education on the steps of the Florida state Capitol. The plan has had some kinks, namely, the heft of 2.6 million pennies – about... Continue reading

6 Ways to Practice Efficient Money Management

Getting organized in the home is the first step in dealing with personal finances. This means setting up a desk or dedicated space for the time you'll be spending with household taxes, bills, banking and investments. Keep the paperwork separated in files and stored in a safe place away from traffic and bustle -- a small filing cabinet or even a sturdy banker's box will work. For stuff that you... Continue reading

Teaching Your Teen How to Budget

Whether you give your children an allowance, make them do chores for what they get, or have them earn their spending money from paying jobs, kids need to know how to budget what they have. Instilling good financial skills while your kids are still relatively young can be one of the most important life lessons you pass along to your teens. Set a Good Example for Your Teens Your kids pick up many... Continue reading

Savvy Consumer Tips: When to Blow Your Budget and When to Save

"Instead of blowing your budget, think of when you want to splurge on a purchase," says Herigstad. She recommends that your splurges be on items of higher quality that will give you a greater pleasure of ownership. "I don't mind buying a cheap shirt," she says, "but I insist on spending more money on my shoes!" Her point is that quality shoes are important to her, so that part of her wardrobe is... Continue reading

3 Budget Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

3 Budget Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt If you have credit card debt you're trying to pay off, you're not alone. As of the start of 2013, reports that Americans had more than $600 million of credit card debt. "Paying off debt can be a long, tedious process and leave you feeling a bit deprived and sometimes like it will never be over," says Erin Baehr, a certified financial... Continue reading

Buying a House: A Checklist

A Budgeting Checklist for Buying Your First Home When the time comes to buy your first house, there's a lot to think about. Will you plant rose bushes or an apple tree? Should the living room have a red or blue accent wall? Do you really want to hold on to that couch? However, before you can have the fun of landscaping and decorating your first home, you need to figure out how to pay for it.... Continue reading