Budgeting Tools to Help You Get Out of Debt

Keeping personal debt under control is an important part of achieving financial goals, like having a comfortable retirement. More debt means more of your money goes toward paying interest instead of going into your savings account. Continue reading
Avoid Debt With a Budgeting App

Avoid Debt With a Budgeting App

When it comes to financial health, debt itself isn’t bad — taking out loans and other forms of credit actually builds your credit history and credibility with lenders. But unmanageable debt can be stressful. Using a budgeting app can lower the chances that you’ll accidentally find yourself in too much debt to manage. It can also help you make smart choices if you choose to take on good debt in... Continue reading
A Beginner's Guide to Personal Finance

A Beginner's Guide to Personal Finance

Managing your finances isn't only beneficial for your bank account, it also creates a sense of stability that helps you achieve your financial, professional and personal goals. You don't need to be a math whiz to make it work either. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to gaining control of your finances. Continue reading

Easy Tips for Creating a Weekly Budget Planner

Budgeting can help simplify and organize your financial life. The process is straightforward if you receive a paycheck on the first of every month and all your bills are due at the same time. But even if you’re paid weekly or biweekly, creating a weekly budget planner only requires a few easy steps, especially when you turn to Quicken Starter Edition for help.    Continue reading
Loan Comparison: What to Look for When Buying Your First House

Loan Comparison: What to Look for When Buying Your First House

Date: February 2, 2017 Home loans might seem intimidating to new borrowers because they require more than just pinning down the interest rate or determining what your monthly payment will be. However, choosing a home loan is really just a matter of knowing what you’re paying for and comparing what each lender is willing to offer. Then you can determine who’s offering you the best deal. Continue reading

Loan Comparison: What to Look for in Your Next Loan

Getting the best loan for your needs means understanding all the terms before signing on the dotted line. This includes knowing the difference between a secured and unsecured loan, as well as how interest rates, fees and loan periods can affect the monthly payment.  Continue reading

Best Online Budget Planners for Your Household

A solid budget is integral to so much that’s important in life: your credit score, retirement security and settling down in a home of your own. Luckily, creating a budget is simple and easy if you have the right tools. Grab your tablet, laptop or smartphone and let an online budget planner help you. Here’s what to look for in the best budgeting software. Continue reading

Best Online Budget Planners For Your Small Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or managing a business with a small staff, online budgeting software isn’t a nicety, it’s an essential. “Using budgeting software minimizes mistakes when you’re collaborating with multiple people,” says Amber Berry, owner of Feel Good Finances and Certified Financial Education Instructor based in Sacramento, California. According to Berry, “If you’re using pen and... Continue reading

Small Business Expense Tracking: Keeping Tabs On the Go

Like most things in life, financial transactions seldom happen while you're sitting down at your computer. Being on the road, whether for a business trip or on vacation, shouldn't mean you have to ignore your finances. When you use the Quicken mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.  Continue reading

Tips for Creating a Monthly Budget Template

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ You can use a simple monthly budget template to categorize expenses, examine cash flows and payment schedules, set goals, and map out a reality-based budget. Continue reading