Account Not Showing Up in One Step Update

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An account may not appear in a One Step Update for the following reasons:

  • The account may be hidden in the Account List. Hidden accounts will not appear in a One Step Update. To determine if the account is hidden and make it visible:
    1. From the Tools menu, choose Account List.
    2. If the account does not appear on the list, put a check in Show Hidden Accounts. To make the account visible, click the Edit button, go to the Display Options tab, and clear the Hide option check boxes.
  • The account may be enabled with a Web Connect financial institution. Web Connect accounts will not appear in a One Step Update. If the account is enabled with a Web Connect financial institution, click the Account Actions icon (the gear icon in the upper right), and then choose Update Now to initiate an online session.
  • The account may no longer be enabled for online access. If the account is not enabled for online services, re-enable the account. If this does not resolve the issue, perform data corruption troubleshooting.
  • Quicken may be having difficulties refreshing (as the result of an error recovery status, for example). Exit Quicken, and then restart it.
  • The account may be enabled for online payments only. If an account is enabled for online payment but not online access, you can't use One Step Update to transmit online payments. You can send online payments from the Online Center by choosing Tools menu > Online Center.
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