Buy/Sell of shares creates incorrect balance in Quicken for Mac 2015

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Quicken will always assume that "buy" and "sell" transactions impact cash balances (Buys decreasing cash, Sells increasing cash). For a normal Brokerage account (where the financial institution reports the cash in and out transactions) this is appropriate. However, for a Mutual Fund account and/or 401(k) account where the brokerage does not report the cash transactions, you may get this positive or negative balance issue.

To resolve this you should:

  • Change "Buy" transactions to "Add Shares".
  • Change "Sell" transactons to "Remove Shares".

These Add/Remove shares transactions still maintain your cost basis information, but assume no impact on cash (Currently you'll make these adjustments manually after each download).


You would not have seen this in Quicken Essentials because Essentials did not track/report on individual transactions. It just shows the balance as of the last download.

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