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Upon converting Quicken data file that has an account type of "Line of Credit" to Quicken Mac 2015, it changes the account type to "Credit Card". After converting to Quicken Mac 2015, user are can no longer able to download their transactions from Line of Credits accounts.

Since the application will not allow the user to change the account type if the account is already enable for connected services when it was converted.


If you already converted your data file to Quicken Mac 2015 and currently experiencing this issue, deactivate the account from connected services first then change the account type to "Line of Credit" before re linking the account to your financial institution.


Ensure that you have the right data file open on your Quicken software.

  • Open the account on Quicken Mac 2015
  • Click Accounts on the menu bar, and then select Setting...
  • Unchecked the box next to I want to download transactions
  • Change the account type to Line of Credit
  • Click on Assist Me
  • Select the Financial Institution
  • Click on Continue to re link the account again.

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