Data entry and QuickFill preferences

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1. Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

2. In the left pane, under Register, click Data entry and QuickFill.

3. In the right pane, select the settings you want to use.

  • Complete fields using previous entries
    Fills in each field in a transaction as you type it. Works with check numbers (Num field in the register), payees, categories, subcategories, tags, security names, investment actions, and transfer account names.

    This is one of the features that lets you enter data quickly, so you probably don't want to turn it off.

    If you turn off Complete fields using previous entries, then Recall memorized payees isn't available either.
  • Recall memorized payees
    Fills the register fields with memorized payee information when you press TAB to leave the Payee field.

    You probably don't want to turn this off, because this is what makes QuickFill so convenient for reusing previous transactions.

    Turning off Recall memorized payees also turns off Complete fields using previous entries.
  • Automatically open drop-down lists in QuickFill fields
    Opens a drop-down list when you tab to a field or place the insertion point in a field.

    If you want the drop-down list sometimes, but find it gets in your way when it appears in every transaction, try selecting Show buttons on QuickFill fields instead.
  • Show buttons on QuickFill fields
    Use this preference if you want a register field drop-down list sometimes, but find it gets in your way when it appears in every transaction.
  • Automatically memorize new payees
    Saves each transaction you enter for a new payee (except investment transactions) and adds it to the Memorized Payee List.

    Quicken will stop automatically memorizing new payees when your Memorized Payee List reaches 2,000 entries. In that case, you can delete memorized payees from the list, and then turn Automatically memorize new payees back on.
  • Add Address Book QuickFill items to Memorized Payee List
    Adds names and addresses from the Address Book to the Memorized Payee List. In addition to selecting this check box, select the include this payee in quickFill list check box on the Payee tab in the Edit Address Book Record.

    This lets you reuse these names in the register, when writing checks, or while creating bill & income reminders.
  • Remove memorized payees not used in last [X] months
    When this option is selected, Quicken removes unlocked, unused memorized payees from the Memorized Payee List after the specified number of months.

    This option is useful if your list is getting so detailed that using QuickFill gives you too many closely related choices.

4. Click OK to save your changes.

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